My Philosophy

I understand that people who are faced with a criminal charge or even those who have only been contacted by police (federal or state) authorities are scared.  They need help from someone who will “have their back”.  Every case has its unique issues, but the one thing that is constant is that I never forget that I am dealing with a real person, with real feelings, and a real problem to face.  My job is to help fight through those emotions and form a relationship with my client to solve the problem.

Attention to detail, meticulous preparation, and addressing the client’s needs are of critical importance to my staff and me.

I am an “old-school” lawyer. I believe in the attorney-client relationship not just as a law school premise, but as a day to day goal.  Trust in both directions – from client to lawyer and lawyer to client – is essential.  My client has to develop faith in my duty to help them successfully solve whatever legal problem they are facing and I have to earn that trust.

Especially in the criminal defense scenario, where the client is, understandably afraid and fearful, a major part of my duty is to instill the belief that between us – client and lawyer – that we will solve their problem so they can get their lives back.

And it is “we” not “I”, because we develop a relationship and become a team.

At the core of this philosophy, is the fact that I never forget that I am representing “REAL PEOPLE” who are scared and are looking to me for assurance and help with issues that can have catastrophic life and career impacts.

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My philosophy as an attorney in Columbus, GA